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What Is Multigenerational Financial Planning?

| November 18, 2016
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Financial Planning

Dear Clients,

We've enjoyed working with you over the years, from investment strategies to getting ready for a fantastic retirement. But even the most prepared individual will encounter bumps along their financial road. That’s why we feel it’s our responsibility to communicate the importance of “Multigenerational Financial Planning” to all of our valued clients.

What is Multigenerational Financial Planning?

Multigenerational Financial Planning is, as it reads, financial planning for more than one generation of family members. This approach is vital to helping our clients address the sometimes unforeseen challenges with their financial plans—whether it’s grown children requiring additional support or gaps in their estate or legacy planning.

Do your children know how to save, and grow, their wealth?

We all know that retirement income planning is important, and as we look back, some of us wish we would have started saving at a younger age (think compound interest!). In fact, most people cannot pinpoint a specific money lesson that wasn’t gained through a “learning experience.” A common theme among Millenials is a lack of financial education; they started their first job and had never heard of a 401(k) plan.  

We’re here to educate young people in their financial decisions, so they don’t have to learn these crucial life lessons the hard way. No matter where they are in life, we can help prepare them for the financial journey ahead. This can be accomplished at family meetings or through one-on-one lessons. It’s never too early, or too late, to start the financial education process.

You’ve worked hard to build your estate. Will your beneficiaries know what to do with it once you’re no longer here?

You’ve worked a lifetime investing and accumulating wealth to ensure long-term financial confidence for you and your family. But will your beneficiaries know how to handle your estate once you’re no longer here?

For example, how your retirement assets are distributed can have a large and lasting financial impact on those left behind. Putting in place a “stretch distribution strategy” allows your beneficiaries to spread-out (or stretch) the benefits of an inherited IRA over the duration of their lifetimes, and using an effective transfer strategy to move assets in a tax-efficient manner.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Sitting down with your financial advisor to learn about Multigenerational Financial Planning as it relates to your unique situation will have lasting benefits. We will work to put your mind at ease regarding an estate plan, and equipping the next generation to handle their own finances and possibly an inheritance. We can also help you pass down your values and communicate any intentions with your estate, while maintaining family harmony.

Your team at Savaglia Investments and Planning is dedicated to you and your family, and we appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to help. We want to build lasting client relationships that span generations to come. Call your trusted financial advisor today at: (414) 768-1984, and let’s start the conversation now.



Your Savaglia Investments and Planning Team


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